Pistoni Technology

Pistoni Technology

Our range includes lubricated piston compressors from 0. 5 up to 25 HP، and oilless piston compressors from 0. 5 up to 5 HP.

We manufacture piston compressors since 1948. The experience gained in over 65 years of history، has led us to become the largest producer of piston compressors in all over the world، with over 2 million units sold per year.

The constant use of high quality materials and the following design principles have made our success:

  • Valves: designed and manufactured in our factories، guarantee high - volume air delivery. 

  • Ventilation fans: flywheels and special conveyors ensure excellent ventilation for the longevity of each pumping unit. 

  • Cylinders manufacture: special machine tools guarantee a cylinder surface with an oil consumption among the lowest on the market.
  • Machining: all critical parts of the compressor are manufactured in our factories with machine tools and robots dedicated to ensuring a high standard of quality، and continuously monitoring of the entire production process.
  • Electric motor: in all compressors with direct coaxial drive - where special engines with low power and high starting point are required - the electric motor is wound، produced، and assembled directly by the specialized personnel in our factories.