Micas C & CFD & B Series

HSS - B، HSS - C

 C&CFD&B Series

The technology of producing these types of compressors has created trust in the consumer all across the world.

High - Tech components made by well known international manufacturers joined with some standard and high quality domestic made components، plus employment of high standard assembling procedures in our production line، has made us reliable for you as the general defects observed in other similar products، have been made impossible in our environment. Micas: C & CFD & B


Electrostatic Paint covering

Employing a full featured PLC controller that is easy to use

State of the art system designed according to API Standards for separation of oil & air Individual cooling system for each oil & air cycling the compressor (Exclusively designed by us)

Compressor automatic unloading system

Using easy to service and accessible filters

Designed for minimum requirement of tools for service (Using compatible nut & bolt joints)

All have helped us maintain the goal of reducing maintenance costs and provide energy efficiency and therefore provide you with reliability in choosing these products.

Energy saving in HSS Series compressor:

Working process in screw type compressor is same as System as Lose maximum Energy on Load & unloading statues. These series are designed same as a system witch saves altar energy Losing. So some static & dynamic shocks will drop on this system. For example using of a pneumatic cylinder on unloader set opens initial delivery air on a soft velocity and not opening and closing on 0 - 1 statue saves a lot of energy losing.

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