For over 20 years we have produced screw pumping units and all the main components for screw compressors. The entire production process takes place in our Italian factories، and is totally integrated thanks to advanced robotic machine tools equipped with sophisticated control instrumentation that ensure a high standard of quality. A team of highly skilled technicians is constantly dedicated to developing and monitoring the screw units produced، and to developing new components to ensure maximum reliability and flexibility.

Our screw units are characterized by profile rotors and optimized performance. The unique design of the screw units، allows the group to be started regardless of whether the rotor is male or female. This unique feature makes it possible to respond to every project need، both in terms of performance and traction with electric or internal combustion engines، in order to maximize performance and reduce energy consumption.

SCREW technology reverso


A solid modeling CAD system makes it possible to optimize the arrangement of components and to evaluate its resistance. The cutting of each single rotor takes place in four precise machining phases which make it possible to achieve high execution precision and repeatability. This level of constructive accuracy allows for the undifferentiated coupling of each male rotor with any female rotor. 

All parts are 100% tested before being placed on the market. The screw units، in particular، are individually tested after assembly and then again when installed on the complete machine. The performance of each element is recorded in the operating data base، allowing for full traceability.