With more than 50 years experience  , more than 50 employees and 5 production lines of 15 type of products. Micas is one of the market leaders of compressed air parts and machines in iran
Micas Compressor ( Mohaghegh Iranian Compressed Air system) is the compressed air assembly and manufacturing section of Havasazan Saba industrial group.
Having been established half a century ago, triggered its flourishing path and have succeeded in converting from an up-and-coming business into a sustainable enterprise which has recently made a splash in compressed air industry.
The family–run corporation has always prioritized the ethical values as well as financial purposes. Personal excellence, dignity, staff work–life balance and several other ethos have assured the sustainability of such a business
The high quality standards, the constant study of innovative products, the ongoing investment in R & D and special attention to Clients' needs are the values for which micas  and its products have always stood out: vast amount compressors in region that every day operate manufacturing processes and meet a variety of needs from industries and professionals in terms of compressed air.

Synonymous with quality, durability and reliability, micas does not just have one of the most complete ranges of air compressors, but it is, most of all, a standard-setting firm on the industrial compressed air landscape
“ we do believe on team work , innovation , and investment point of view for our clients”
B.Mohaghegh. CEO