The compressors that are part of the TRADITIONAL RANGE are equipped with highly reliable components such as valves made of special stainless steel and tanks in compliance with the most severe international standards and directives.

Standard range 1.5 - 3 HP

This range is made up of the following categories:


coaxial oilless compressors، with pump made from die - cast aluminium، characterised by being lubrication

and maintenance free؛


lubricated coaxial compressors، the pump with cast iron cylinder، carter and head in aluminium،

the sturdy plastic covers which convey the cooling air efficiently over the hot parts of the machine and the oversized

electric motors are all strong points in this category؛


two cylinder، single stage belt - driven compressors، built to ensure reliability and long life thanks to the reduced

rotation speed of the pump. Suitable for constant hard work، these are ideal work tools for demanding hobbyists،

professionals and small businesses.