Lubricated direct driven rotary screw compressors، fixed or variable speed:

the optimal response to the modern industry compressed air demands.

The machine is fitted with electronic controller، aftercooler، condensate separator

(external for models 280 and 340) with time based drain. POLAR in the standard configuration، is air cooled and it is designed for continuous operation 24 / 7.

Optional versions have available water cooling and heat recovery “oil to water” heat exchanger




POLAR series compressors are equipped with high efficiency electric motors with protection degree IP55 and insulation class F.

Power transmission to the airend is carried out by means of a flexible coupling and a helical gearbox. This configuration allows the perfect alignment of the shafts، granting optimal power transmission.



POLAR standard configuration includes a prefilter panel which separates dust


and powder in order to keep the interior of the machine clean and easy to


maintain. Wide opening doors with safety locks grant ease of access for


maintenance and service.

Coolers are easily accessibile. Separated fans with Class F IP54 motors


provide maximum cooling air flow: the number of fans depends on the size


of the compressor.

Due to the type of fans، their position and the excellent soundproofing of the


whole machine، POLAR compressors are extremely silent.